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Services Agreement between FXCM and Effex sparks plaintiffs’ reaction in securities class action


Many have heard of the so-called "younger brother" Bitcoin - Litecoin`e. Today, the capitalization of Litecoin exceeded $ 15 billion, while in early June it reached only $ 2 billion. What caused such rapid growth? First, Litecoin is a more attractive target for miners. In view of the simpler blocking architecture for mining, the expiration of equipment for Litecoin extraction is higher. Secondly, the release of positive news and an increase in the number of miners in the network.
Thus, the growth prospects of Litecoin look very cloudless, especially given the fact that his "older brother" has recently begun to "fever".
What to expect?
According to analysts of the company "Optimus Markets", despite the current slight decline, Litecoin will continue its growth. As we said earlier, this is due to an increase in the number of miners on the network. As we can see from the chart data, the price is always interconnected with their number, respectively, the current price decline is just an overlap of the risks associated with the costs of purchasing equipment.

Litecoin on the morning of 28.12 is trading in the range of $ 240 - 250, with support levels of $ 215 and resistance at $ 270 respectively. Thus, during the New Year holidays and weekend days at "fiat" exchanges, Litecoin, like the other crypto currencies, has every chance to overcome the level of resistance and continue to grow after a short-term correction.