Investment Strategies

  • One of the key advantages of Optimus Markets is ready-made trading strategies. We have developed a special methodology for selecting professional Forex traders and created a turn-key solution for our customers.
  • All our trading strategies have stood a test of time and proved their viability. You can choose the most suitable strategy and find out your potential profit





Advantages of the investment strategies offered by Optimus Markets
  • Simplicity. Strategies make the trader's path easier and help you make money faster.
  • Have made a deposit at least once;
  • Objectivity. Strategies are based on the statistical analysis and probability theory, and are tested in practice.
  • Knowledge. Opportunity to get the off-the-shelf experience of successful traders.
  • Planning. Strategies allow you to plan and distribute your investments.
  • Success. When choosing and applying correct investment strategies, you discover your personal source of income, which will let you enjoy your profit at minimal risks.
Traders selection:

The team of investment account managers at Optimus Markets consists of the strongest traders with enormous theoretical background and long-term practical experience in Forex trading.
Why our traders are the best on the market:

  • Experience and decades of success.
  • Complex world-class selection system.
  • Our traders trade with the company's money, therefore we are interested in each of them to demonstrate high performance

Our system of specialists selection is based on the International Banking Methodology of Portfolio Credit Risk Assessment, developed by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision.